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Basecamp manufactures all their salamis and smallgoods from wild venison. The venison salamis are made in a natural porous collagen casing.  They are sold freshly made.  They are ready to eat, or can be hung to dry out and harden.  Salami is delicious on crackers with tomato, on pizzas, with french bread and cheese and in anti-pasto dishes. There are five flavours to choose from:

Pepperoni made with peppercorns and garlic

Garlic made with double the garlic

Chilli made with peppercorns, garlic and chilli.

Wild Game made with Juniper berry.

Red Wine Cracked Pepper with real Red Wine and cracked pepper


Traditionally eaten with a glass of beer, biersticks make a great snack food with any kind of drink. Ideal for lunch boxes or added to soups.

There are two flavours:

Pepperoni made with pepper, garlic,  and parsley

Garlic made with garlic, and parsley

New! now in a family sized pack.

Venison Smoked Sausage 

This is a salami sausage made in a collagen casing. It is ready to eat.    Smoked sausage can also be added to pasta dishes, stir-frys, soups and casseroles.

There are three flavours to choose from:

Garlic made with double garlic – no pepper

Chorizo made with chilli, garlic and pepper

Wild Game made with Juniper berries & game seasoning – no garlic or pepper.

Vension BBQ sausages. High quality sausages full of meat and flavour. Very popular! They contain pepper, garlic & parsley

Venison Schnitzel.  This is prime venison cut thinly.  It can either be bread-crumbed or lightly floured and fried.  Cook on a high heat for a short time.

Prime Venison steaks.  These rump steaks are ready to be grilled on the BBQ.  To better the flavour, marinate in olive-oil and garlic or your favourite marinade and leave over–night.

Fillet venison steaks.  The very best, most tender of steaks. As a pure meat steak, they need to be cooked on a high heat for a short time. Marinate for a few hours in olive oil and garlic.

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