New look Biersticks


The family pack size of venison biersticks is ready to be launched.  Double the quantity of our delicious 100% venison protein snack.

Basecamp Venison Meat Pack


We are in the process of developing our first low fat high protein venison meat pack which will be delivered to your door in a poly bin for $68.  In the pack you will find: 500gms prime vension mince, 500ms venison schnitzel, 500 grams of backstrap butterfly steaks, 4 venison patties and 500gms Award winning venison sausages.  This will be available at our markets and shows and on line within the next few weeks. Watch this space!DSC03120

Venison Meat Packs

We are in the process of preparing a low cost Venison meat pack to be on line shortly.    For $66 dollars you can order a poly bin filled with quality low fat protein rich venison delivered to your door.

In it you will find: 500gms prime venison mince, 4 venison patties, 500 grams award winning venison sausages, 500gms backstrap butterfly steaks, and 500 grams of venison schnitzel.   There will be a suggestion of receipes in the box. DSC03120