Hunters Information

Hunters! Information below and for all queries please phone the office 07 552 0013.

Basecamp manufactures Salamis and Smoked products from all:
HUNTER’s WILD GAME: Venison, wild pork, chamois, tahr, wallaby, goat, rabbit, hare, alpaca.
GAME BIRDS: Mallard, Paradise duck, swan, turkey, goose, peacock, emu & ostrich.
Also beef and mutton.

Basecamp’s products are all hand-made and traditionally smoked. We do not use any salami pre-mixes.  For 25 years Basecamp has used their own recipes and selected spices making their salamis top-shelf quality.  All our smoked products are gluten,dairy and soy free.

You need 15 kg + of lean, clean meat. Freeze down, pack in a chilli bin and courier or bring in to 504 Lockington Rd RD 4  Katikati.
Whole carcasses can be hung in the Hunter’s chiller at Basecamp.

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 7.30am – 4pm
Drop-off and pick up after hours by arrangement ph 027 276 1896

Courier Information:

  • We offer a $40 nation wide round trip courier deal with Fastway Couriers.
  • Please ring the office before sending so we can lodge the freight forward. ph. 07 552 0013
  • Your salamis and small goods will be couriered back to you in your chili bin and the invoice will be inside.
  • 7 day payment required.



Please print out and complete this form and send it in with the meat.




$10 each


$10 each


$10 each


$10 each


$12 each



Smoked Salami Sausage $10.00/kg (wet weight)

Varieties: Chilli, Garlic, Wild Game


Biersticks $10.00/kg (wet weight)

Varieties: Pepperoni, Chilli, Garlic


BBQ sausages $4.00/kg

2013 Taste Farmers Market Award winner

Gluten Free $6.00/kg


Patties $6.00/kg

(2 packs of 4 patties)


Pork – product made from wild pig includes ham, bacon, sausage and bacon bones.


There are other products available : Bacon Ham , Smoked venison smoked game birds. etc Please ask.


Keep Basecamp’s salamis in the fridge leaving the cut end open.

When you have had a quantity of salamis made, we recommend freezing the extras.  To freeze, wrap in clingfilm. When de-frosting, unwrap the salami and hang in the kitchen for 24 hours to dry. Basecamp Salamis can also be air-dried.  Hang the salami in a well aerated Dry place (not a pantry).  The low fat content of Basecamps’ salamis means the salami has a shorter drying time. 

Smoked Sausage and Biersticks are vacuum packed and can be frozen. (if moisture occurs in the bag, the product can be taken out and air-dried.)

Basecamp is listed as a Homekill/Recreational Catch Service Provider with MAF. The products we manufacture for you are not for re-sale and are for you, your fellow hunters and your family’s consumption only.