Care & Storage of Basecamp Salamis

                  CARE & STORAGE of BASECAMP SALAMIS


Keep Basecamp’s salamis in the fridge leaving the cut end open. Salamis can be frozen wrapped in cling film. When de-frosting, unwrap the salami and hang in the kitchen for 24 hrs.
Basecamp salamis can also be air-dried. Hang the salami, in a well aerated dry place (not a pantry).

Basecamp’s salamis have a low fat content compared to most other salamis which have a fat content of 60% or more.

Drying will therefore take a shorter time.  It is recommended to hang the salami for two to four weeks and no longer than six.


When buying a quantity of salamis, it is best to wrap and freeze the remainder until you need them.

All other vacuum-packed goods must be refrigerated.   They can also be frozen.

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