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Entrance to Basecamp
Basecamp’s Trophy Room & Office
Trophy stag in the paddock at Basecamp

Welcome to Basecamp, home of the famous Venison Salamis & small goods.

It began 24 years ago when  Bill Hensley made and smoked his first salami.  Having spent the large part of his early working years in bush camps  working as a deer hunter, pig hunter, possum trapper, and eel fisherman it seemed only  appropriate to then name his new business,  BASECAMP.

The original recipes for Basecamp salamis remain unchanged and exclusive. Basecamp does not use any pre-mixes. All ingredients are weighed and measured at the beginnng of each production.

The recipes and the smoking method are unique to  Basecamp. The salamis reflect this in their taste, colour and texture and smell.

Basecamp’s premises is on the edge of the Kaimai Mamaku Ranges,  south of Katikati in the Bay of Plenty.  Visitors are welcome from Monday – Thursday.

Salamis are sold on line. They can also be bought at a number of farmers markets and craft shows throughout the country.  See our Markets page for the regular markets.

The Hunters’ division of Basecamp manufactures salamis and small goods from hunters’ game. Hunters bring their game meat direct to the Hunters chiller. Those further afield  pack their frozen game meat into chilli bins and  courier them to Basecamp. Info on the Hunters page.

Trophy red stags and their hinds graze in the paddocks that surround Basecamp. They are a constant source of interest to visitors. As the seasons change the stags grow out their antlers in preparation for the breeding season in March/April.

Later on in the year the stags cast their antlers and the velvet begins to grow again. The antlers will continue to grow larger each year until the stag reaches the prime of his life.

Have a look in our Hunter’s gallery for a photo of our new stag Titus. He is three years old and settled in with his hinds in time for The Roar.


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